80th Birthday Bash

80th Birthday Bash

Mac and John

Mac and John

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gram Loraine Christmas Gifts

This Saturday, Dec. 8th, we will be shopping and then wrapping our gifts for the needy kids in our community. We need every Kiwanian to come and help with everything. We will go shopping right after our regular meeting . Then at 11:00am we will all meet at The Reese Road Elementary School to wrap the presents. Both the Builders Club and the Key Club will hepl us wrap the gifts. then we will have pizza and wings. Again we need all to attend...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 24th...

Next Saturday, Nov. 24th, we will be very busy. First our meeting at 8:00 then right after the meeting, we are helping out with the Blood Drive @ the Ilion Municipal Building. Then at 5:00 PM we will be helping out with Christmas @ the Marina, handing out Hot Chocolate and Coffee and Donuts. we will also have a 50/50 raffle to help with the Gram Loraine Christmas Gift Project.

We need help with all these events. So please help out.

Support our Key Club and Builders Club

F-S students collect items to send to servicemen, women

By KIM DUNNE - Telegram Staff Writer

FRANKFORT - Frankfort-Schuyler Junior-Senior High School is getting into the holiday spirit by sending holiday boxes overseas to the Frankfort-Schuyler graduates or community members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Several groups and organizations are involved in the project including the Board of Education, the two student councils, the Builders' Club, Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America, the Yearbook staffs, and the Frankfort-Schuyler Teachers' Association.

The school is asking for the community's help in collecting items to put in the holiday boxes. A list of items needed was put together by the American Red Cross and is available in the high school office. Lists were also distributed to the students.

WE will be collecting different things to send to the school for the service personnel overseas during the holidays. Bring your contribution of toiletries, candy bars, etc. next week,November 24th. Bill evan's will bring them to the school the next Monday.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Boonville's Installation Dinner

Boonville's Installation Dinner is on the 13th of October. They will have it at the Hullbert House. The cost of the dinner is $21.00 and you have your choice of Prime Rib or Chicken Cordon Bleu. They usually put on a great dinner. If anyone is interested let me know by our Installation dinner, 10/6. call me @ 895-7684 or email @dmiller006@twcny.rr.com

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just a reminder

Just a reminder that we will not meet this Saturday 9/29. we will be helping out The Red Cross in Ilion with a Blood Mobile. It's at the Ilion Municipal Building, from 8:30 to 1:30 . Our next meeting will be on Saturday October 6th at the Knight Spot.

Our Installation Dinner is also Sat Oct. 6th at Montana's at 7:00. Cocktail's at 6:30. If you are planing to go and haven't signed up, olease let me know by Saturday. Email, or call me #895-7684...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Kiwanis Club would like to express our sincerest condolences to Pete Caiola and his family on the passing of his father Peter. He will be missed.
I talked with Andy this morning and we are going to meet at 6:30 at Iocovozzi's this evening, to pay our respects for Pete and his family. Call any one that you can to let them know what we are doing....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Parking Party Postponed

Our Parking party has been postponed untill a later date to be determined. Keep watching for the new date. We will discuss when at this Saturday's meeting..... Be there or be square!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monthly Newsletter

Salvation Army SA Cafe
We will be cooking and serving a meal on Sept. 24th. We will try to do the S A Cafe again. we took the summer off
and we need everyone to at least come and help out once or twice. We will have five Key Club members to help us
as well.

Fall Raffle
Our Fall Raffle will be in full swing in this next week. Mark Vivacqua is chairing this raffle he will have tickets for
everyone next week. So plan on attending to get your tickets.

Kiwanis Interclubs
We competed our Interclubs on September 13th when myself, Mac, Tony Caruso and John Piseck went to
Boonville. John won their Fifty-fifty by drawing the Joker after his ticket was drawn by Mac. He won $235.00. He
took $200.00 and gave the rest back to the club.

Upcoming Events
Our Punt Pass and Kick has been postponed till next week, Sept. 22nd due to rain and bad field conditions.
Our Parking Party will be Friday Sept. 21st at Pete's Barn. it was postponed from this past week.
S A Cafe on Sept. 24th.
On Sept. 29th we will again help out the Red Cross with a Blood Drive at The Ilion Municipal Building from 8:30
AM to 1:30 pm .
September 29th is the installation dinner for the Westmoreland and Lake Delta Clubs at the Stanwix Men's Club.
Cost is $15.00 and we need to know by Saturday, Sept. 22nd if you would like to go.
Our installation dinner will be on October 6th at Montana's. Cost is $22.00 for the dinner. Sign up or call Dave at
895-7684 to let us know if you will be attending. we need to let Danny know how many will be attending by the 29th
of September. Our New Officer will be as follows. Dave Miller President, Irv Bunce President elect, Mark Vivacqua
Vice President, Laverne MacMurray Secretary and Don Gross Treasurer.
Boonville will hold their installation on Oct. 13th at the Hulbert House. We went before and had a great dinner. Mr.
Hulbert is a Kiwanian and puts on a pretty good dinner for a good price. Further info on the price and what they will
have will be forth coming.

Frankfort Schuyler Key Club

Michelle Cleveland sent me summary of their initial start up meeting .
September 12, 2007 Meeting One
1 Explain Club and Responsibilities
2 Member Sheets
3 Punt-Pass-and-Kick
Steph Fallin, Hank Penree
Andrew Penree, Amy Cool
Brianna Kublchmun, Sam Johnson, Jamie Lavalla
Marcie Longo Jene Demma, Brian Grippe,
Jeremy Raciti, Daniel Long, Brianna Longo
James Lafountain, Kaitlin Tartaglina
4 Election of officers:
President-Steph Fallon
Vice-President-Sam Johnson
Secretary-Lorella Gaetani-Liseo
Treasurer-Jami LaValla
5 Soup Kitchen:
Ariel Foti
Megan Miller
Sam Johnson
Jami Lavalla
Jalene Kresewski
6 Blood Drive September 28th 9-2 Old gym
7 Next Meeting-Wednesday October 3rd

Fair Parking
We had a pretty successful parking this year. We collected over $3000.00 for parking, and after expenses we ended
up making over $2700.00. We had a fairly big expense in the new signs and the weather didn't co-operate on two
nights, but all in all we did well.
Recent Happenings
We received our latest patches for our banners. The big one for the Governors Project. The Round Robin for last
year and the veterans patch for the Veterans in the Club. On Sept. 15th we had our two girls we sent to Kamp
Kiwanis come and tell us of their experiences at the camp this summer.

Mac Sept. 10
Ray Lenarcic Sept 11
Kelly Brown Sept 18
Mario Parisi Sept 18

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parking Party

The Parking Party has been moved back one week to Sept. 21.\

Any changes and we will let you know by email and here on the site......

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Frankfort Kiwanis Upcoming Events

Mac's birthday is Monday Sept.10th
Ray Lenarcic's birthday is Tuesday Sept. 11th.....

Parking Party at Pete's Barn on Friday Sept. 14th 8:00 PM
Punt Pass and Kick @ Hilltop Fields Sat, Sept.15th , 10:00Am.
Mario Parisi"s birthday is Tuesday Sept. 18th, Mario will be 95...!!
Kelly Brown's birthday is Tuesday September 18th...
S A Cafe on Sept. 24th. We need all who can attend to do so...........
Blood Drive on Sept 29 at Ilion Municipal Building @ 8:30AM to 1:30 PM
Lake Delta and Westmoreland's Installation Dinner Sept. 29 @ Ft Stanwix Mens Club
Frankfort's Installation Dinner at Montana's on Oct. 6th
Boonvillle Instalation on Oct. 13th
Fall Raffle is here..........................

Parking Party

We are having the Parking Party at Pete's Barn this coming Friday, Sept. 14th. at 8:00 PM for all those wish to attend.

Be there or Be Square.....
To all Frankfort Kiwanis Members

Our Annual Punt, Pass and Kick Contest
Will be held This coming Saturday, Sept.
15th at the hilltop Field, at 10:00am…

We need all members to come and help out with the morning festivities…. There will be donuts and refreshments for all who attend. The winners will receive their trophies at the Frankfort Homecoming Game, Oct 9th, during Half time.

So come out and have some FUN with the kids …

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our Club and The Salvation Army Cafe

Well it's September and we are at the time when we have to decide whether or not we, as a club, will continue to help support the Salvation Army Cafe. It seems that there only is a small group that comes to help out on our "once a month" day to cook and serve a meal to those who are less fortunate than us. Those that come to eat at the S A Cafe on a regular basis, look forward to our club coming in to cook for them.
some thought from this mornings meeting. It was always thought that this would br a great way to get to do something to do together with the Key Club on a regular basis. We are a service organization and we are to do services to our community and those who need help. This kind of activity would help strengthen our ties with our sponsored clubs. It is one thing to sit back and just write out checks and give them to this and that group, it means a lot more to say we did this to help this group or that one.

It's time to shit or get off the pot.

We are going to go ahead with The S A Cafe for September. We will try it again this month . What we want is a commitment from each and every member to help out at least once . or twice. It's only one Monday a month. Thats twelve days in a whole year. We know it's a bad time, 5 to 7 PM . But if you can't come to help set up and cook, at least you might be able to come to help clean up. We need people to commit to helping out one day or two days during the whole year. It's not that much time and it is a worthy cause. So sign up to do a day or two. Send me an email, or come to a meeting to commit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tiffany Pugliese was diagnosed with Wilm's Tumor in May 2005, when she was just 6 years old.

In November 2005 she found out she was cancer free, until May of this year when she relapsed and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments at University Hospital in Syracuse. Wilm's Tumor is a rare form of childhood
cancer that affects the kidneys. In 2005, Pugliese underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove one kidney along with her tumor, “which was the size of a grapefruit,” according to doctors. She had 42 lesions on her lungs and was
classified as having Stage IV cancer, the highest stage, which means the cancer has spread to another organ. After the surgery she had quite a long recovery. She underwent eight radiation treatments and 24 weeks of
She was cancer free for 18 months. However, in May, another nodule was found on her lung and a biopsy found she had a recurrence.
She's just 8 years old and this is extremely difficult for her, the cancer requires frequent hospital stays, often five days every two week. Pugliese suffers from fevers, low blood counts, and has to have many blood transfusions.
Pugliese will be entering third grade this year at Benton Hall Academy in Little Falls.

To help offset the costs of the treatment, a benefit is being held for Pugliese on Oct. 28 from 1-7 p.m. at the Best Western in Little Falls. The cost is $10 per ticket and children under 5 are free. There will be food, music, games,
raffles, door prizes, a Chinese auction, karaoke, a clown for the children, a kids' corner and more.

On Sept. 8 there is a Little Falls vs. Dolgeville football game at Little Falls and all proceeds from the raffles will go to benefit Pugliese.

On Sept. 23 the Holy Family Parish in Little Falls is holding a breakfast at the church from 9 a.m. to noon with proceeds going to Pugliese.

Oct. 20 will be “teeing off for Tiffany” which is a golf tournament in Little Falls with tee times at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Also at Benton Hall, there is a common cents program where at the end of each month the grade level that brings in the most extra change gets a prize. One month has been dedicated to Pugliese and the proceeds from that month
will be donated to her. The school will do “trick-or-treating for Tiffany,” where students dress up and collect donations for her, and also a “tree for Tiffany” where students and community members will be able to buy ornaments
off a Christmas tree with proceeds going to the Pugliese fund.

To make a donation to help Pugliese and her family, checks should be made payable to “Michelle L. Miller for benefit of Tiffany Pugliese,” and should be sent to 18 Gordon Ave., Herkimer, 13350.
For more information call 866-3145, 823-1582, or 823-3053.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Saturday and Fair Parking

This Saturday we are NOT having a meeting. Our next meeting will be Aug. 25th.....

WE need help parking cars at the fair.. especially on Friday Night and Saturday. Please help out ....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Updates for the month of August....

This Fair Parking month. We start of this weekend with our Skip a Meal.. that means we don't meet on Saturday at the Knight Spot. We will however meet at Big Willy's Pizzeria on Saturday at 8:00 am. we will have a special

Fair Parking starts on Monday night the 13th. We set up on that night. We will probably meet around six that night to set up the site. New signs should be ready this week and our tee shirts should be ready also. We need every one to come and help. So if you haven't signed up to help out with parking, contact Andy or myself and sign up for our parking event.
Thursday is usually the big night, because of Demo Derby and Battle of the Bands. we really need a lot of people on that night to help out.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Monthly Newsletter June 2007

Salvation Army SA Cafe

June 25th we cooked and served at the S A Cafe. We will take the summer off from cooking., then take a look at whether we want to continue with our regular monthly night before fall starts up again.

Kiwanis Round Robin

June 13th Don, Dave and Joe went to New Hartford for an Interclub. On June 27th, Dave, Pete and Mac went to Rome for the another Interclub. We have just Booneville and Old Forge to do to complete the Round Robin . We should go to Booneville this month, maybe the 26th of July. Then Old Forge in August. We usually go visit Westmoreland on the morning of Fair Parking, when we don't have a meeting that morning.

Graduation Awards

We gave out several awards at graduation at both Frankfort and Ilion Schools. At Ilion, Keith Willner won the Kiwanis /Key Club Award. In Frankfort, The Kiwanis Commercial Prize went to Danielle Florentino and Lauren Maneen. The Rudy Egnaczyk Award went to Anthony Reina. The Outstanding Teenager went to Sarah Palumbo. The Key Club Award went to Lauren Maneen. In The future, the Key Club Award will be known as the Jerry C.Crimmons Award.

Upcomming Events

The final Divisional Meeting will be on August 7th at the Lee Town Park. We went last year and had a good time.

The Incomming Presidents orientation will be on July 26th at the Colonial on Turin Rd.

Chuck Vivacqua will once again ride in The Ride For Kids. For the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.The ride starts fron Deerfield Fire House and ends up in Old Forge.

Skip A Meal will be on Aug. 4th at Big Willy's. Bill has something special in mind for us this year. So we need to sign up at one of our prior meetings before Aug., so Billy can get all the fixin's before hand.

July 14th, the Frankfort Fire Dept. will be holdimg a Blood Drive at the Fire Station.

Vernon Downs Night is August 11th. $18.00 per person. The money has to be in no later than Aug 4th. Please sign up if you are going to attend.

Fair Parking

Don't forget The Herkimer County Fair is August 14th through the 19th. We will need lots of help for our parking. Save some time from your busy summer to help out with the parking.

Don't forget that if you want to get a Tee shirt, sign up for one in the next few weeks. Mark want's to get them and have them distributed in the beginning of the month. The cost of the shirt is $5.00 and we need the money in before hand.


Fred Pumilio July12th
Gary Ciaola July 14th
Don Gross Aug 2nd
Chuck Vivacqua Aug 22nd

Have a Nice Summer

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fair Parking Shirts

Mark Scalise talked with Joe Dovi. He's the guy who does our shirts. If we want to get just like a plain color shirt for the parking, it will be around 5 dollars a shirt. Can you email and have everybody that wants one either email you or I or sign up at the next meeting. I want to have the shirts by the end of July so I could get them passed out before parking. Thank you.

So if anyone wants a shirt, let me know or sign up at the next meeting.....

By the way, we should be having our Kiwanis Hats very soon.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Monthly Newsletter for June

Salvation Army SA Cafe
We will be cooking and serving a meal in June then we will take the summer off. We will take a look at whether we want to continue with our regular monthly night before fall starts up again.
Spring Raffle
Our Spring raffle has finished. Don will have the list of winners if anyone is interested in getting a copy. We made three hundred and fourteen dollars after everything is paid out. Remember that's three hudred dollars we didn't have before we started. Next year we might be doing something different for a fundraiser.
Kiwanis Round Robin
Last month Mac, Dave and Tony Caruso went to Clinton for the Prayer Breakfast the Clinton Club had at the Lutheran Home. New Hartford, Booneville , Old Forge and Rome are the only clubs left to comlpete the interclubs for this year. We are looking to go to New Hartford on June 13th for their student of the year. We went last year on that night. All those who would like to go in an interclub, keep in touch with Dave or Mac or come to meetings.
Recent Happenings
On May 19th, we gave our Evert Day Hero Award to Lucile Hand.Lucile is instrumental in the Gram Loraine Program and a lot of other progarm to many to mention.
Several of our members helped out at The Blood Drive in Ilion at the Municipal Building. We also had a contingent of members attend the Habitat for Humanity Big Breakfast the same morning as the Blood Drive.
We also had the interviews for our Outstanding Teenager from FSCS, We had several qualified students. RJ, Chuck, Dave, Joe, Pete, and Mark V. did the interviews. We will also give a $500. prize to a Key Club member as well.
We also have two youngsters going to Camp Kiwanis this summer. We will have them down before or after they go to camp.
Andy, Joe, Chuck and Stevie Mac helped put with the After Prom Party .
We will also have our new slate of officers in the next week or two for the next year.
We sent cards to Shawn Bernier for his birthday a few weeks back. Shawn is the boy who has terminal cancer and wanted a lot of cards for his birthday wish.
Upcomming Events
The final Divisional Meeting will be on July 7th at the Lee Town Park. We went last year and had a good time. The Incomming Presidents orientation will be on July 26th at the Colonial on Turin Rd.
Fair Parking
Don't forget The Herkimer County Fair is in August and we will need lots of help for our parking. Save some time from your busy summer to help out with the parking.
Andy Barberio 5/12 Jim Accatatto 5/23
Sal Stokes 5/26
Mark Scalise 6/01 Fred Pumilio 6/12
Chuck Vivacqua 6/14

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shane Bernier

Shane Bernier is an eight year old boy with Leukemia from Ontario Canada. His only wish for his eighth birthday, is to receive as many birthday cards as he can get, as this may be his last birthday. His birthday is May 30th. Every one who would like to send a birthday card to him should bring one in to the next meeting or drop one off at the Parish office at Our Lady Queen of Apostles. You may also give one to anyone who is in the Herkimer Lions Club as well, or even get them to Ray Lenarcic. Ray told us of Shane a few weeks back.

Also if anyone has any raffle tickets , we need them to be turned in.

Monday, May 7, 2007

May Raffle

We still have a few people who have not turned in their raffle tickets. We did not draw any winners this week.If you have outstanding tickets please turn them in this Saturday or give them to someone to get in this next meeting, so we can draw our winners. If you can't do that, call me and get them to me at 895-7684.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No Meeting on Saturday / Blood Drive

This Saturday, we will not have a meeting.

We are helping out with the Blood Drive at the Ilion Municipal Building. We can also go over to Herkimer for the Big Breakfast for the Habitat for Humanity at the VFW on Mohawk St. in Herkimer. The breakfast starts at 8:00 AM,. The Blood Drive starts at 8:30 AM.

Also, we need to have all the Spring Raffle tickets in by Saturday May 5th.
So we can draw the first five winners. If you can't make it to the meeting, you can give the tickets to someone else to bring in or you can drop them off to me at my apartment at Streamside Manor. Call me first to see if I'm home.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Open Letter from Vinny

I firmly believe we must park cars at the Irish Fest. We do not need to be wanted. We have permission of the owner, that is all we need. After 75+ years of benefiting the community we have nothing to hide , there is no hidden agenda. It is our resposibility and our right to raise funds that benefit the village and our wide ranging programs. We have to make no explanations to anyone. What ever appropriate adjustments we have to make , we make. Yet, the bottom line is raise funds that benefit many. No one has the right to prevent us in any form from doing just that .no one. Especially in our " own house". Anyone, contact me w/ opinions, questions,etc. V. Palmieri 7364085 , vpalmieri@roadrunner.com

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Monthly Newsletter

Kiwanis Vs FS Faculty Game
We had a great event on March 16th at the Frankfort High School Gym. We had sixteen members attend and help out in a very successful fund-raiser for our club. We raised over $600.00 for the club. We had eight members play for our club and eight faculty play. We had sixty five kids participate in the Hot Shot contest, eighty six in the Three Point shoot-out, and about fifty kids in the Junior Vs Senior class game. The 50/50 raffle collected $95.00 and we kept half. The winner also donated $20.00 back to the club. So we had $68.00 to put towards the Builders Club dues. We’d like to thank Bob Pacific and Ray Beck for officiating and volunteering their time. Brad Vivacqua did another bang up job announcing the game. Also thank you to all who helped out. Our Kiwanis Club team gave it a valiant effort, but came up short. The Faculty came from behind at the half to win.

Bowlathon at Thurstons
We had our Bowlathon at Thurstons on March 25th. Twenty seven kids participated and bowled. we and pizza and soda for the kids after and awarded trophy’s to the top two bowlers in each grade. We raised about $800.00 after all the money is turned in. A lot of the kids were from our Builders Club that participated. We’d like to thank Carm and Renee for their help in organizing the students at the schools. Also thanks to all the bowlers that participated.

Key Club’s and Builder’s Club.
At our Basketball Game, the Builders Club had a booth for refreshments and raised money for their general fund. They also participated in the Bowlathon.
The Ilion Key Club and their advisor attended our March 31st meeting. They have thirty five members in the club. They are a very active club in the Ilion and Valley community. They help out with the Holy Day’s campaign with the Marine Corps League (Toys for Tots), Crop Walk, helping Habitat For Humanity and a project at Little Falls Hospital making and donating blankets. They also participate in a tutoring project at The Remington Elementary School. The Key Club actually sponsored the Hoby award this year in Ilion.

Salvation Army SA Cafe
We will be cooking and serving a meal on the 23rd of April at The Salvation Army Cafe. We served about 45 meals this past month. We had six Kiwanians help cook and serve the meals.

Spring Raffle
Our Spring raffle is in full swing. If you need tickets contact Dave or come to a meeting to get your tickets. Remember we need to sell a lot to make a lot.

Pancake Breakfast
On April 1st, we had our annual Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast at The Our Lady Queen of apostles Church. We had 24 of the 29 members attend and help out in some way or another. That was 84 % of our membership. Way to go guys...... It looks like we will have a very successful event. Final numbers are not in yet, but we had 191 breakfast's that were made and served or delivered. We have collected well over $1000.00. Everyone who attended had a great time and early comments were extremely positive.
This year we did something different. We delivered to the apartments at Streamside Manor, Litchfield Manor and Campus Apartments. From all the comments it was a great idea. Everyone that I have talked to, praised our pancakes and service. Next year we will have to make sure we ad plastic table ware. All in all it was a great event.

Kiwanis Round Robin
Winter is over and we will start up our interclub pretty soon. we need to get to New Hartford. Clinton, Booneville , Old Forge and Rome. All those who would like to go in an interclub, keep in touch with Dave or Mac or come to meetings.

Recent Happenings
We recently had a board meeting to discuss the parking for the upcoming Irish Festival. We will not be parking cars for the Festival. Apparently, we are not wanted.
We also agreed to donate $300.00 to the three young wrestlers who are going to a wrestling tournament in Virginia Beach. These young wrestlers are representing our town and area and state. The boys did well, and came away with a great experience and national level exposure. One of the boys has even had an offer for a possible scholarship to NYU.
Don sent in the dues for the Builders club. Next year Carm will have the money to send in when they start up next fall in the new year.
Ray Lenarcic gave us an update on the Hunger Coalition. they are again experiencing an increase in need in our county area. They also had elementary school children donate a single item and five schools participated. They donated around Five Thousand dollars worth of food.
We have been asked to help out with The Frankfort Day's again. June 8th, 9th and 10th.It looks like they won't be doing the Frankfort Day's 5 K Run this year.
Coming up at the end of the month, we will have the Election of officers for the upcoming year. Our Election committee will have the new slate of officers ready for voting at the end of the month. The next years president will be Dave Miller, President Elect will be Irv Bunce. The rest will be determined by the committee. as well don and Mac will e asked to continue in their positions as Treasurer and Secretary.
We also have a committee for the Everyday Hero Award for The Governors Project. They will have the people selected for voting in a few weeks.
We have been asked by the Red Cross again to help with the Blood Drive at the Ilion Municipal Building again. They feel that we were such a part of the success of the last drive they want us back. We will help out on April 28th at 8:30 AM .We will not have a meeting that morning and just go and help. We had fun and helped a good cause. We have asked the Ilion Key Club to hepl out.
The Governors visit will be at The Hotel Utica on May 4th. Any one who would like to attend, please keep that date in mind.

Upcoming Birthdays
Vinny Palmieri 4/11
Irv Bunce 4/27

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pancake Breakfast this Sunday

Our Pancake Breakfast is on SundayApirl 1. We need all members to attend and help out. We have assignments for all so look at previous posts for your assignment. remeber we are also delivering to the elderly who can not attend.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Sunday is our Bowlathon for the kids at Thurstons. We need every one who can come to help with the bowlathon. We will also have pizza and soda for the kids.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kiwanis Basketball Game

Our Annual Kiwanis / Faculty Basketball Game is this coming Friday, March 16th. We need to have everyone attend and help out with all aspects of the game and pregame activities. We need plenty of people for the Hot Shot Contest and the Three Point Shoot Out. We also need people to sell 50-50 tickets as well as have people at the door and to help with the benches during the games. Please take note, we will not have a meeting next Saturday. Us old folks will need the extra sleep to recover from the game and after game festivities.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March Newsletter

Meeting Notes
Feb. 24th Dan Harter from Erie Educational Services gave a small presentation on Erie Ed. and what they do. We also discussed the Basketball Game, the Pancake Breakfast, and the Spring Raffle. On March 3rd. we just had a short meeting and handed out assignments for the Pancake breakfast. Also we discussed the Basketball Game and the need for every one to stay and help with the Jr./Sr. game. We also have the use of the lot accross from the fair ground for parking during both the County Fair and the Irish Festval.

March Birthdays
March 16 Dave Miller
March 17th Joe Tamburro
March 23 Steve MacMurry

Check the upcomming events to the right as well as the assignments for the Pancake Breakfast in the previous entry. Also remember the Basketball game, we need everyone to aatend and help out. Don't forget the Bowlathon.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pancake Breakfast Assignments

Our Pancake Breakfast is coming up fast. So we need every one to participate to help make this a successful event, we have set up committees and assignments for each member to do. We need every one to attend and do their part. Your assignments are as follows.

Pancake Breakfast Assignments

Bill Evans
Vinny Palmieri

Don Gross
Bill Evans
Andy Barberio
Joe Long

Dinning Room
Chuck Vivacqua

Set up and Serve 6:30 to 10:30
Mark Vivacqua
Pete Ciaola
Irv Bunce
John Burress
Frank LaPuma

Serve and Clean up 10:30 to 1:00
Joe Long
Mark Scalice
Lou Licari
John Piseck
Fred Pumilio

Don Gross
George Amendolare
Gary Ciaola
Tony Acquaviva
Steve MacMurray
John Piseck
Kelly Brown

Dave Miller
Angelo Riente

No Assignment
Tony Caruso
Kevin Enea
Ray Lenarcic
Sal Stokes
Joe Tamburro
Key Club Volunteers
Builders Club Volunteers

First Name on List is Committee Leader

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pancake Breakfast

We have our Pancake Breakfast Tickets. Don has the tickets. Please come to a meeting to get your tickets. We will also have them at the Basketball Game on March 16th. We need help for all aspects of the event. We also need help at the basketball game. We need everyone to come to make a good showing to the community. At this time we only have four or five people to play in the game, we need a few more. Be advised we will also be getting our spring raffle tickets soon. So please come to our meetings.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kiwanis Basketball Game

We need help for the Basketball Game. We also need to have people to play in the game as well as help out with the Three point shoot-out and Hot shot contest. Please sign up at our meetings or contact Gary Ciaola.
Remember the game is on March 16th, at the Frankfort Schuyler High School Gym, starting at 6:00PM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feb. Newsletter

Frankfort Key Club
We had the Frankfort Key Club visit our meeting on Jan.20th. Both advisers from Key Club and Builders Club attended. They gave us a brief presentation on what they have been doing and what they hope to accomplish in the new year.

Salvation Army Cafe
On Jan 22nd, we did our monthly service at the Salvation Army Cafe. We served about fifteen people. Our next date of the SA Cafe is Feb 26th. We had four Kiwanis members and three Key club members as well as Don’s wife help.

Blood Drive in Ilion
On Jan.27th we helped out The Red Cross at their blood drive at the Ilion Municipal Building. We received a Thank You note from Diane from The Red Cross. They reached 100% of their goal. We had ten members and Dan Long come to help out at the blood drive. Maybe we could help out again the next time they hold the drive.

Kiwanis Vs Faculty Basketball game
Our annual basketball game is scheduled for March 16th at the High School Gymnasium. We will also hold the Hot Shot Contest for the kids before the game. Gary has tickets and we need everyone to sell ticket. Contact Gary or come to our meetings to get your tickets. We also have a sign up sheet for people to sign up to play or to help out with tickets and other activities during the evening. We need people to play basketball, since our membership has dwindled in past years.

Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast
Our annual Pancake breakfast is on April 1. We will be having the breakfast at the Catholic Church this year. The price will be $6.00 this year. Don will have tickets available soon. The meeting on 2/24, we will set up a committee for the breakfast. Also Don has ordered the tickets and will be getting them to us ASAP.

Recent Happenings
On our Feb. 10th meeting, we had two guest speakers. First up was Fran Reina from Frankfort’s Youth Basketball Program. we have been a sponsor of the program for many years. They have 125
kids in the program from 1st grade to 8th grade.
Next up was Katie Baker from Reality Check. Reality Check is program to educate our children about the dangers and health effects of smoking. Their programs are ment to keep our children from starting to smoke. We also invited Katie to attend and set up a table at our basketball game in March.
Katie made a presentation on a program called Screen Out. Screen Out is a program to get smoking out of movies that our children are seeing. They have evidence that when children see smoking in movies, they are likely to take up smoking. The motion picture industry won’t change it’s policy until parents get behind the program to get smoking out of movies.

The book drive that Joe Long put on was successful again this year. We raised or purchased over $200.00 for the drive. Special note, Kelly Brown donated $100.00 from The Polish Community Club in Herkimer to the drive.

Andy talked with Joe Penre at Thurstons and set up a date for our Bowlathon on March 25th. We will invite the kids from both elementary schools as well as Builders and Key Club Members.

We held our Ladies Night Out on Feb. 10th at The Brass Tack. We had 14 people attend. We plan to have another Ladies Night later in the year.

Kelly Brown participated in the Red Cross Chilli Challenge at the Herkimer VFW. While he didn’t win any prizes, his chilli was still pretty good. We had a small Kiwanis contingent attend and had a pretty good time.

Mac and Dave did the monthly report and we had 72 % attendance this past month. We could do better.

Upcoming Birthdays
Feb 21 John Burress
March 16 Dave Miller
March 17th Joe Tamburro
March 23 Steve MacMurry

Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Meeting on Jan.27th

We will not have a meeting on Saturday Jan. 27th. We will be helping out at the Blood Drive at The Ilion Municipal Building at 8:30 am till 1:00 pm. If any one would like to participate or would like to donate blood, call Andy to let him know.

Just a reminder.......
It's our turn to be cooking and serving at the S A Cafe in Herkimer on Monday. We always can use your help.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a Happy New Year
Gram Loraine Project was a Big Success

We had a successful Gram Loraine, giving out gifts to 23 kids. Our club
sponsored 17 kids and 6 other kids were sponsored by individual members.
Thanks to Angelo for getting the donations to help defray the costs. Thanks to
all who participated. Special thanks to the Key Club and Builders Club for
helping us wrap the gifts. Thanks to Alex and Billy for the refreshments.

We received recognition from the Hunger Coalition as one of The Six Angels
of Christmas at their annual Christmas Program in Ilion.
Salvation Army Cafe

We took the month of December off from cooking and serving a meal at the
SA Cafe. We will start up again on the 27th of January.

Recent Happenings

At our December 17th meeting, Kelly Brown gave a presentation on the Flood
of 2006. The devastation was pretty impressive. We can be thankful we did not
have to face the problems that a lot of people had to deal with. We also gave
Ray Lenarcic on behalf of the Hunger Coalition a check for $500.00,which is
our annual contribution to the coalition. We also donated $100.00 to the young
man who has a special needs son in Herkimer. His wife recently died and is
having troubles with his son who is to have another heart surgery soon. We
had Andrea from The Red Cross at our Jan. 13th meeting to talk about the
upcoming Blood Drive we will help out at in Ilion. She also gave a short
presentation about what the Red Cross Is doing, with the youth in our
community, especially with our Key Club. They will be having a youth
leadership weekend in Cooperstown in March. The officers of the Key Club will
be envolved.

We recently adopted a new attendance and dues policy for our club. Dues will
now be due at the end of the Fall Raffle. After the raffle tickets are turned in,
you will know how much dues you will owe and they are due at that time. The
attendance policy is you must attend at least 12 meetings a year as well as
participate in 4 of our club’s functions.
From The Secretary

Our attendance percentage in November was 73%. In December we reached
74%. Great job! Let’s shoot for 75% in January, and keep on climbing to 100%
by the end of the Kiwanis year in September. We need you here!!!!!

Upcoming Birthdays

Bill Evans Dec.4 Tony Acquaviva Dec.29
Kevin Enea Jan.1 Frank LaPuma Jan.14

Upcoming Events

We will help out at a Blood Drive in Ilion on Jan. 27th at the Municipal
Building. We have 2 shifts to help out, one from 9 to 11 am and the second
from 11am to 1:30 pm. All of you interested in helping out, there is a sign up
sheet at our next meetings. Joe Long is heading up a book drive. If you are
interested into donating or ordering books, see Joe. We will also be doing and
upcoming project with the Boy Scouts as well as a project for Seniors in the

The Basketball Game with the Faculty and Staff at the High School is coming
up on March 16th. Details to follow.

Our Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday at Our Lady Queen of Apostles
Church. Details when they become available.

Kiwanis Ladies Night Out
Feb. 10th
at The Brass Tack
$15.00 per person
Cocktail Hour with Cheese and Crackers
Rolls and Butter Tossed Salad
Baked Fish Baked Chicken
Meatballs and Sauce Tortellini Alfredo

Please sign up on the sign up sheets at our upcoming meetings, so we can give Vic
the number who will attend.