80th Birthday Bash

80th Birthday Bash

Mac and John

Mac and John

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monthly Newsletter

Salvation Army SA Cafe
We will be cooking and serving a meal on Sept. 24th. We will try to do the S A Cafe again. we took the summer off
and we need everyone to at least come and help out once or twice. We will have five Key Club members to help us
as well.

Fall Raffle
Our Fall Raffle will be in full swing in this next week. Mark Vivacqua is chairing this raffle he will have tickets for
everyone next week. So plan on attending to get your tickets.

Kiwanis Interclubs
We competed our Interclubs on September 13th when myself, Mac, Tony Caruso and John Piseck went to
Boonville. John won their Fifty-fifty by drawing the Joker after his ticket was drawn by Mac. He won $235.00. He
took $200.00 and gave the rest back to the club.

Upcoming Events
Our Punt Pass and Kick has been postponed till next week, Sept. 22nd due to rain and bad field conditions.
Our Parking Party will be Friday Sept. 21st at Pete's Barn. it was postponed from this past week.
S A Cafe on Sept. 24th.
On Sept. 29th we will again help out the Red Cross with a Blood Drive at The Ilion Municipal Building from 8:30
AM to 1:30 pm .
September 29th is the installation dinner for the Westmoreland and Lake Delta Clubs at the Stanwix Men's Club.
Cost is $15.00 and we need to know by Saturday, Sept. 22nd if you would like to go.
Our installation dinner will be on October 6th at Montana's. Cost is $22.00 for the dinner. Sign up or call Dave at
895-7684 to let us know if you will be attending. we need to let Danny know how many will be attending by the 29th
of September. Our New Officer will be as follows. Dave Miller President, Irv Bunce President elect, Mark Vivacqua
Vice President, Laverne MacMurray Secretary and Don Gross Treasurer.
Boonville will hold their installation on Oct. 13th at the Hulbert House. We went before and had a great dinner. Mr.
Hulbert is a Kiwanian and puts on a pretty good dinner for a good price. Further info on the price and what they will
have will be forth coming.

Frankfort Schuyler Key Club

Michelle Cleveland sent me summary of their initial start up meeting .
September 12, 2007 Meeting One
1 Explain Club and Responsibilities
2 Member Sheets
3 Punt-Pass-and-Kick
Steph Fallin, Hank Penree
Andrew Penree, Amy Cool
Brianna Kublchmun, Sam Johnson, Jamie Lavalla
Marcie Longo Jene Demma, Brian Grippe,
Jeremy Raciti, Daniel Long, Brianna Longo
James Lafountain, Kaitlin Tartaglina
4 Election of officers:
President-Steph Fallon
Vice-President-Sam Johnson
Secretary-Lorella Gaetani-Liseo
Treasurer-Jami LaValla
5 Soup Kitchen:
Ariel Foti
Megan Miller
Sam Johnson
Jami Lavalla
Jalene Kresewski
6 Blood Drive September 28th 9-2 Old gym
7 Next Meeting-Wednesday October 3rd

Fair Parking
We had a pretty successful parking this year. We collected over $3000.00 for parking, and after expenses we ended
up making over $2700.00. We had a fairly big expense in the new signs and the weather didn't co-operate on two
nights, but all in all we did well.
Recent Happenings
We received our latest patches for our banners. The big one for the Governors Project. The Round Robin for last
year and the veterans patch for the Veterans in the Club. On Sept. 15th we had our two girls we sent to Kamp
Kiwanis come and tell us of their experiences at the camp this summer.

Mac Sept. 10
Ray Lenarcic Sept 11
Kelly Brown Sept 18
Mario Parisi Sept 18

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