80th Birthday Bash

80th Birthday Bash

Mac and John

Mac and John

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a Happy New Year
Gram Loraine Project was a Big Success

We had a successful Gram Loraine, giving out gifts to 23 kids. Our club
sponsored 17 kids and 6 other kids were sponsored by individual members.
Thanks to Angelo for getting the donations to help defray the costs. Thanks to
all who participated. Special thanks to the Key Club and Builders Club for
helping us wrap the gifts. Thanks to Alex and Billy for the refreshments.

We received recognition from the Hunger Coalition as one of The Six Angels
of Christmas at their annual Christmas Program in Ilion.
Salvation Army Cafe

We took the month of December off from cooking and serving a meal at the
SA Cafe. We will start up again on the 27th of January.

Recent Happenings

At our December 17th meeting, Kelly Brown gave a presentation on the Flood
of 2006. The devastation was pretty impressive. We can be thankful we did not
have to face the problems that a lot of people had to deal with. We also gave
Ray Lenarcic on behalf of the Hunger Coalition a check for $500.00,which is
our annual contribution to the coalition. We also donated $100.00 to the young
man who has a special needs son in Herkimer. His wife recently died and is
having troubles with his son who is to have another heart surgery soon. We
had Andrea from The Red Cross at our Jan. 13th meeting to talk about the
upcoming Blood Drive we will help out at in Ilion. She also gave a short
presentation about what the Red Cross Is doing, with the youth in our
community, especially with our Key Club. They will be having a youth
leadership weekend in Cooperstown in March. The officers of the Key Club will
be envolved.

We recently adopted a new attendance and dues policy for our club. Dues will
now be due at the end of the Fall Raffle. After the raffle tickets are turned in,
you will know how much dues you will owe and they are due at that time. The
attendance policy is you must attend at least 12 meetings a year as well as
participate in 4 of our club’s functions.
From The Secretary

Our attendance percentage in November was 73%. In December we reached
74%. Great job! Let’s shoot for 75% in January, and keep on climbing to 100%
by the end of the Kiwanis year in September. We need you here!!!!!

Upcoming Birthdays

Bill Evans Dec.4 Tony Acquaviva Dec.29
Kevin Enea Jan.1 Frank LaPuma Jan.14

Upcoming Events

We will help out at a Blood Drive in Ilion on Jan. 27th at the Municipal
Building. We have 2 shifts to help out, one from 9 to 11 am and the second
from 11am to 1:30 pm. All of you interested in helping out, there is a sign up
sheet at our next meetings. Joe Long is heading up a book drive. If you are
interested into donating or ordering books, see Joe. We will also be doing and
upcoming project with the Boy Scouts as well as a project for Seniors in the

The Basketball Game with the Faculty and Staff at the High School is coming
up on March 16th. Details to follow.

Our Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday at Our Lady Queen of Apostles
Church. Details when they become available.

Kiwanis Ladies Night Out
Feb. 10th
at The Brass Tack
$15.00 per person
Cocktail Hour with Cheese and Crackers
Rolls and Butter Tossed Salad
Baked Fish Baked Chicken
Meatballs and Sauce Tortellini Alfredo

Please sign up on the sign up sheets at our upcoming meetings, so we can give Vic
the number who will attend.

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